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Newest Figures: Arcueid, Skull Kid, Scanty by IchigoXXRukia
Newest Figures: Arcueid, Skull Kid, Scanty
From Left to Right

Arcueid is a main character from Type Moon's visual novel Tsukihime. Though I think the "good" ending is complete bull it's still a really good game to play if you're into mystery. Not to mention this is Twilight done right. As for the figure itself it's very nicely sculpted. This one unlike the other two though I had to put together but once together it looks great. An excellent amount of detail and it's very sturdy to boot. I guess my only complaint is it's too small, but that's a nitpick.

 Skull Kid is the villain from Majora's Mask. After stealing a cursed mask from the Happy Mask Salesman he finds himself in possession of great power and due to being shunned he's determined to wipe out all of Termina or even the world. He's set in his most iconic pose here, looking down at his hand as if to question if he was even himself anymore. The detail is really nice and it's a perfect item for those Zelda fans. Unfortunately you could only get this in the Limited Edition of Majora's Mask 3D.

Scanty, one of the two demon sisters from Panty and Stockings with Garterbelt. Her hobbies include bearing spiky clothing that can poke your eye out and uh...playing with her sister. Think of her as a demonic form of Panty due to the fact she wears two thongs and can turn them into twin pistols. Compared to her sister figure Kneesocks Scanty here actually has red skin, Kneesocks was more orange. Though not a very complicated figure she still looks great especially those those two big biscuits. The base is also very nice which has their mark slapped on there. The colors really pop out too and every detail is just amazing, they even molded her teeth perfectly. If you're a fan of P&SwG I highly recommend you pick this up and if you're not...what are you doing? Go watch it now!
The Demon King and The Hero PVC Figure by IchigoXXRukia
The Demon King and The Hero PVC Figure
What a wonderful figure. Beautifully detailed, great sculpt, and a great pain job. This one though was a bit more expensive but it's well worth it if you're a fan of the show. For some reason though one of the legs seem to had broken off during delivery but luckily it was a socket fit so all I had to do was take some super glue and outline both the bulge and sides and reattach it, and now it's good as new and very steady. 

Name of series: The Demon King and Hero
Anita Sarkessian and ABC: Victim? by IchigoXXRukia
Anita Sarkessian and ABC: Victim?
Yes I do hate this woman. A con-artist, a hater towards men, and a liar. All the things I can't stand about feminism rolled into one.   Anita The Liar
Haganai High Priestess PVC Sena Figure by IchigoXXRukia
Haganai High Priestess PVC Sena Figure
So not even a month ago I decided to expand my collection a bit more, and one such figure was with this beautifully crafted figure based off the wonderful character of Sena from Haganai. The figure was pretty cheap, well cheap in terms of figures go, only about $55, and it's well worth it. It's truly one of the best figures in my collection. The detail is excellent, they even sculpted her panties...I regret nothing, the colors are all right, and she even came with an extra face and a open hand. Of course since Sena is more of a gamer I decided to switch that out for the PSP hand. It's a pretty tall figure too. Overall if you're a fan of the show and are interested in getting her in figure form this is the one I would recommend. 

You can buy it here:…

P.S: I would highly recommend buying it from these people, the figure came 3 weeks before its specified arrival date and it was well packaged. 
Christmas Gifts of 2014 by IchigoXXRukia
Christmas Gifts of 2014
PS4+Game+50 Walmart Gift Card Bundle- From Parents
Dangan Ronpa 1 and 2- from my friend Levy
Drakengard 3- From my friend Will
Watch- Won it in the Tree Game

There's one gift missing though and that's Game of Thrones seasons 1 and 2 that I will be getting tomorrow. 
Somehow, there's a hacker lurking around here who not only changes the name of users around here, but he also posts a journal entry claiming that you'll commit suicide, and he'll troll with the same journal entry by adding inappropriate comments! He'll even add insult to injury by writing naughty comments on your page, and add a crude drawing of a male's private parts! If he reads this, he'll probably think twice before hacking! Spread the word, and stop this evil hacker before you become his next victim!

Apparently, he's targeted a user formerly named kronosfactor52, renamed him TruePhazonianForce posted a similar journal entry on his dA page, and added harsh comments to it!

Copy and paste this to your journal so that it doesn't happen to you!!!
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