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Pokemon Plushies: The Other Brother by IchigoXXRukia
Pokemon Plushies: The Other Brother
So I went by Gamestop today to buy some Amazon cards when I saw they had a fresh batch of Pokemon plush toys there, one of them being my favorite Gen 6 pokemon Tyrunt, and luckily I had just enough money left over to buy it. It's a great looking plush and is a must buy for those who like collecting Pokemon merchandise. 
Newest Figure: Fate Stay Night Archer Figma by IchigoXXRukia
Newest Figure: Fate Stay Night Archer Figma
This is quite a nice figure, although it is pretty delicate. It's not as big as say the Samus or Link Figma but it's big enough. He comes with many different items including his twin blades and bow along with an extra face and numerous hand gestures. It was $65, but like I said it was pretty delicate, one of the legs popped off its socket, but it's still a nice figure to have. Greatly detailed, nice little hand, very articulated, and just an overall great product.
Chapter 1

12 Years Later

From the mountains, to the oceans, and deserts the sun began to rise as many of Arhere began waking up for another day of hard work, and study. For the men that meant either guarding the king's castle, or hunting in the wild to either bring home food, or to sell for silver so they could afford things a bit more fancy. As for the women they were mainly stationed in hospitals, schools, and libraries, but if they chose to hunt too that was fine as well. For the young knights in training though that meant more practice, and more sweat, but with every day they grew stronger and stronger, and as long as they kept their heads high there was a good chance they would make it.

As the sun began to rise its powerful rays began raining into the young princesses room. Groaning she reached to pull the curtains so the sun wasn't shining right in her eyes, but it seemed the gods just wouldn't have that from her; for as she reached she heard the door open as her maid Jules came in with some fresh change of clothes.

"Good morning Princess Elaina. Did you sleep well last night?" she asked as she pulled the curtains open even farther.

"Oh, just give me another hour." she groaned before pulling the covers over her head.

"Oh no, I'm afraid not. You can't start getting lazy now can you?" she asked her before pulling the sheets clean off from over her.

"But it's only eight in the morning. Please, just thirty more minutes." she begged as she gave her the doggie pout.

How typical of the young princess. Sure she trained hard, and kept in top physical condition, but if there was one thing she loved it was sleep. But she knew just the trick to get her up and about. A trick she learned worked almost ten years ago.

"If I recall a certain someone has an exam today. Oh what was his name now? Ather? Oh wait, Mether."

That's when she realized she had made a big mistake by sleeping in. How could she forget such an important day? With haste she jumped out of bed and ran to her closet, and quickly grabbed the orange one piece suit she wore for training. With time running out she quickly stripped and threw on her new oufit. With it she could move more freely, and thus move quicker.

"But princess, your bath."

"Don't worry, I'll take it tonight!" she said before bolting out the door.

"Excuses, excuses, by the way don't squash anyone on the way over!" she yelled back.

That was right, if she remained a giant she would only end up hurting others due to her large size. Right, there was only one way to solve her little problem. As she ran through the main hall she began concentrating on nothing but her body. Slim, curvy, the body of a women, her entire body from head to toe had to be visualized, as well as her clothing, and in a flash she released her own magic. She made sure to be careuful as she moved down the steps of the castle, as her body began to shrink, along with her clothing. Yep, thanks to a few lessons from her own private tutor she could shrink down to the size of a normal being, but only for a certain amount of time. Once her magic depleted half way she would be forced back to her normal size. It was a bit of a pain, but it was worth it.

And with one last jump she landed just outside the main gate, and with such grace as well. Looking out though she noticed just how happy her people were. Arhere was a city built for those without a home, for those who wanted to start over, and to see them commuting, and working together really did her heart good.

"Huh? Oh no, no, no I can't be late. Please, just hold the gate for a little while longer." she begged as she took off towards the western district, the training district to be more precise.

Yeah, being one of the biggest cities in the world of Teriel they were forced to create certain districts for certain needs. For instance, the shopping district was to the east, the study/learning district was to the south, and the training district was to the north. It was sweet, and simple to understand for newcomers. Still, it didn't help that each district was so big, and the large groups of people walking through the training district didn't really help either.

"Please don't let me be late. I promise I'll wake up on time every day for the rest of my eternal life." she asked the gods above as she weaved through the crowd of people.

There it was, the two large wooden doors that led straight into the training coliseum, and they were still open! Maybe she wouldn't miss it after all, but as she drew closer the doors began closing shut, and once they closed there was no way she could get in unless she wanted her father to pay for the damages. With her teeth gritted, and her powerful legs working overtime she made a burst for the entrance. It was too late though, before she could even get there the doors were shut and locked.

"Gah, come on you stupid doors. Open up!" she demanded as she tried pulling them open.

When she saw the door beginning to split though she stopped. She couldn't just break the door down could she? Her dad would only get mad from that, but maybe there was another way she could see what was going on. The structure was only twenty-five feet tall, and she, as a whole, was around thirty-one feet, that was it. With her eyes closed she released her magic once more, and in a flash she found herself towering above the others in the district.

"Whew, now where is he?" she thought as she peered over the top.

They wore no armor so it was pretty easy to pick him out of the group. Black hair, blue eyes, his black shirt and brown vest combo, those dirty pants and shoes, and of course those goggles he always wore just in case. As he stood across from his captain both met eye to eye, just like rivals before the exam would begin. As he took his last few deep breaths his eyes shifted to the large figure standing just outside of the training grounds.

"Heh, I figures you would come to see this." he thought as he turned his attention back to his opponent.

"Are you ready to begin your exam?" the captain asked as he took hold of his wooden sword and shield.

"Yeah, let's do this." he answered in a confident tone.

Even if she couldn't be inside to see him fight waiting everything from above was pretty nice too. Once the bell rang the exam was underway as Captain Marwin lead with a downward slash. Quickly though the young elf raised his shield to block, before pushing him back. Instead of going to the normal slash though he funneled a small bit of his magic to the tip of his weapon, and with a swift thrust forward he managed to blast his captain with a bit of his pure magical energy.

"Heh, neat trick their kid, but you've still got three hits to go." he growled before running forward.

Both seemed equally matched as their blades clashed, but why wouldn't they be? Through five years of training he managed to not only increase his magical abilities, but also his strength and speed as well. It was no easy feat though, but it was well worth it.

"Come on, you can beat him." said Elaina as she watched.

He was a tricky bastard though, it wasn't just his weapons he had to watch out for, but he learned that the hard way. Instead of attacking with his sword he merely used it as a diversion, and instead used his right foot to deliver a nice kick to his stomach. It hurt, but he was far from done.

"Don't get too cocky kid. Sometimes you've got to use misdirection to your advantage."

"Yeah, tell that to my face when I kick your butt all the way across the world!" he exclaimed as he rushed forward.

As he moved forward with his attack though he noticed his good old captain getting ready for his next line of defense, or was it an attack? With his sword up he expected him to guard, but instead he waited for just the right moment to strike. With his opponent coming at him faster than he had seen before he used it to his advantage, and with his own blade filled with magical energy he swung forward; unleashing a large, bust of energy right toward him.

"OK, didn't expect that." he said as the attack approached.

But he wasn't one to go down that easily, and so instead of guarding he kneeled down before skidding across the ground, and with his head back the attack barely missed, but he wasn't done. Using his teacher's shock to his advantage he jumped up, and delivered a poweful sideward swipe that knocked him over.

"Yes!" Elaina said under her breast as she tried to stay quiet.

"Just two more hits and I win." he thought as his opponent jumped back to his feet.

"Interesting, you're quite the flexible fellow aren't you Ether?"

"Yeah, but enough chit-chat. Let's finish this!"

"I concur!"

And with both having marks against them the true fight could begin as they both rushed at each other. Both were fast and furious as their wooden blades collided, but only the strongest would come out on top, and to do that meant he could move to the next stage of his training. With quick swings, and guards Ether managed to fend off his opponent rather well, but what would he expect from an elf? They were known for being quick thinkers and very flexible.

"Good, you're doing well, but you'll need to be quicker than that if you plan on becoming a knight." said Marwin, as he gave a good thrust forward.

Instead of going for the target himself he instead went for his main line of defence, his shield. Once raised he sent out a powerful wave of energy that completely shattered the wooden shield into little pieces, and while he was at it he took another point from him by knocking him in the shoulder.

"Damn it, just two more hits and I'm done. I won't lose, and I won't look like a fool in front of her." he said as he raised his blade.

"Looks like you've got only two more hits left young one, but don't fret, I'll take those from you soon enough."

"Yeah OK, we'll see about that."

But without a shield all he had left was his sword, and if he struck him again like that he wouldn't have anything to attack with. Thinking about it though he did see a way he could possible turn it around, but it was kind of risky. His timing had to be perfect if he was to pull it off.

"Alright, let's give that a shot." he said as he grabbed his weapon from off the ground.

He spent no time putting it into effect either as he rushed towards his captain with his head and spirits high. He knew at this point what his opponent would do, either a stab forward, or an energy slash, but he was prepared for both.

"Coming at me head on eh? Kind of risky if you ask me." he said as he prepared for another attack.

"Not yet, just a bit farther."

To work he had to be right there in front of him. Smaller and smaller the gap between them got, and just like he predicted, when he got close enough he unleashed another powerful slash, but this time he was ready. With his quick relaxes he jumped into the air, clean over the wave of energy, and instead went straight for him skull. Pow, right on the top, but that was just the beginning. Once close up he placed his feet on his shoulders and jumped behind him, finishing him off with a clean-cut to the back.

"Yes, yes, yes! Good going Ether!" she cheered as he finished off his exam in style.

But the fun didn't last long as one of her servants from the castle approached her.

"I see the exam is finally over." she said as she looked over the top.

"Yeah, he won. Can you believe that?" she said excitedly.

"That's great, but you know what's even more great? Your magic lessons."

"Oh, but I just got here. Can't I stay for just a bit long? At least let me congratulate him."

"You'll have time to do that after your lessons." she said as she took her hand.

"Ahhh, fine..." she said before walking off with her.

It was no secret that she really liked to spend time with Ether, but when she had to study there was no getting around it. Last time she refused she was dragged back to the castle by her feet, maybe shop owners dreaded that day. Still, the sooner she got it done and over with the more time she could spend with him.

Three hours passed from when he took his exam, and from what he was told there was no doubt he would be moving onto the next stage of his training. Previously he had only been working on enhancing his endurance, and strength, but in phase two he would get to work with magic and how to use it effectively. Still, that was a little ways off, and for the next few months he could finally relax, and by relaxing he meant hunting for wild animals in the field outside of the city walls.

"Alright, where are ya you little scamp? I know you're out there just waiting for me." he said as he stood in a tree.

Thanks to one of the crafters in town he managed to score himself a pair of nifty hunting goggles. What did they do? Well, they allowed him to see farther than he normally could, and he could even zoom in on smaller targets. Pretty nifty he would say, but they were expensive, and if he broke them that would be another two gold out of his pockets.

"Ah, there we are, and look at that skin. I could get a new fancy vest with that. Fire proof and the works. Alright, let's get to work." he said as he jumped down.

A Rahnarock, and a big one too. They were known for their fire-proof skin, and for being very vicious, but he wasn't scared. To be a hunter he had to stay calm and collected, any sign of fear could give him away. As he carefully snuck up on the beast however he felt a branch snap below his left foot, which tipped off the beast.

"Crap, come on. Wind!" he exclaimed as the beast came barreling towards him.

Quickly he turned his energy into wind, and just before he could get pounced he let it loose; sending the snarling creäture backwards. It wasn't over though, and he knew that as he pulled out his sword. From the back the beast raised its razor-sharp tails, and began swinging them at him. Two at once, but thanks to his training he coud block both of them, but how long could he keep up? With quick movements he began moving around him so he could slice those tails off. As he did though the creature's eyes followed him before eventually he went for them. As he dodged the stabbing blades he swung at one tail, then the other, both were off, but he still had the rest of it to deal with.

"Come on you mother~ah!"

Instead he was greeted with a large foot that came down on the beast, crushing it to death. Well, that was one way to do it. Though most would be frightened by such a large foot he knew who those boots belonged to. His eyes traced that curvy figure all the way up to those beautiful purple eyes, and that cute brown hair.

"Hehe miss me?" she asked in her usual cute voice.

"You could say that, though you didn't have to squash my prey."

"Oh? You looked more like the prey than it did. Are you sure you had it?" she asked with a raised brow.

"Hah hah, eh I guess I could harvest some of it though. At least I can eat something other than beans and bread tonight." he said as he walked over to the corpse.

With careful precision he craved a large chunk of its body out, and placed it in his carrying bag, but other than that the skin he was looking to get was kind of ruined. He wasn't mad at her though, after all she was just trying to help out. Besides, there were still many days to come, and who knew when another one would come trotting along.

"Hey Ether?"

"Yeah?" he answered as he closed his bag.

"I was wondering, the winter festival is coming up, and I was wondering if maybe you may go...with me?" she asked as she messed with one of her pigtails.

"With you, and me a mere peasant? Hm, if you give me a lift back to town then sure I'll go." he said with a bright smile.

That alone made her day. The winter festival was known for its festive fun, but also for the lunar magic. It was said that if one wished upon the winter moon that their wish would come true, and she had one in mind that she wanted really badly. Was she young? Yeah, she was only nineteen, but that didn't mean she couldn't prepare for the future.

"Hop on." she said as she lowered her hand.

Town was a little ways off, but for her it was just a little walk, and so once he sat down she lifted him up to her shoulder, but that wasn't where he wanted to be. Instead he jumped down to her large right breast, and laid there like it was a bed. So soft, so comfy, and very squishy, just the way he liked it.

"Oooo yeah, much better." he said as he wiggled around a bit.

"Hey, I thought you wanted a ride on my shoulder." she questioned as her cheeks lit up.

"But this is so much more comfy, and look it even jiggles." he said as he bounced up and down on it slightly.

Yeah, he was kind of a pervert at times, but even so she knew he was only playing around. It was just in his nature, and it didn't seem he was doing anything bad. Being a giantess though it was easy for him to lay there and relax.

"They're not toys you know." she said as she looked away slightly.

"Hey, you use to cuddle me like I was a doll when we were kids. I deserve at least this. Plus look at how much of a woman you've become since then." he told her straight out as he rubbed her skin.

"H-Hey, I~I'm not that pretty." she said, denying that she was.

"Sure you are, you're one of the prettiest girls I know. I mean you're a giantess and all, but you've really come a long way since you were a kid." he said before hopping onto her shoulder.

Sure he was a bit strange at times, but there was still something about him she really liked. Instead of greeting her like she was a giantess he instead treated her like a true friend. It mattered not if she was thirty-one feet tall, he still treated her like his equal. He would help her out with her studies if she needed it, if she needed some work done in town he would gladly take part, and if she was in need of comforting he was there to cheer her up. Even after he found out she was a princess he still greeted her the same way, which made her very happy. No formalities, but instead true friends to the end.

"Thank you Ether, you'll be my little doll until you end of time!" she said before grabbing him, hugging him close to her chest.

"Oof, OK, can't breath. Running out...of" he struggled to say as she smuggled him in her chest.

"Oh, sorry. Anyways, we're here if you want to get off." she offered.

"Hm, could you maybe take me to the trade post? I need to see what I can get for this stuff before it goes bad."

"Alright Mr. Lazybones, but next time you're carrying me."

"Oh really?"

"Yes, really." she said as he jumped back to her shoulder.

"Oh OK, then I'll turn into a giant as well." he said as they both had a nice chuckle about it.

After a five-minute walk to the city all she had to do was bring him to the trade post so he could get his day's earnings. Once there he jumped into her hand, and then to the ground as the tender to the stands looked up at them both with interest.

"Good afternoon princess." he said.

"Good afternoon Manny." she said as she waved.

"Ah, and young Ether. I take it you have something good for me today?"

"Eh, not really. Something happened, and it got kind of squished, but I did harvest what I could from it." he said as he pulled the heap of bloody meat out.

"Oh I see. That's from a Rahnarock right?" he replied as he inspected the meat.

"Yeah, so how much do you think you could give me for it?"

"Hm...well it's still in decent shape, and it is a pretty rare find. How does forty silver pieces sound?"

"Forty you say? How about fifty and I'll trade you my wrist straps? Made from the same material, just smaller."

"The skin of a Rahnarock huh? Alright, you've got a deal. Fifty silver pieces for both the meat and your wrist straps."

Yeah, at times people would trade their own items to get a bit more money from the tenders, but it was all fine as long as both came out equally. As he handed him his little bag of money though he heard a rather annoying voice come up from his right. That annoying, cocky tone could only belong to one person.

"Kyrak Timber, great. What do you want?" he asked as he shoved the money in his pocket.

"I heard you performed rather well at the exam today. So I just wanted to stop by and give you a little present." he said as he handed him something wrapped in a cloth.

It was shit, literal shit he had taken from outside the city. Great, he could have it back though as he though as he threw it at his shining armor. Served him right for being such a punk.

"Why you little..."

"Yeah, speaking of little." he replied back just as Elaina picking him up.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked Kyrak.

"Princess Elaina, don't worry I was only having a bit of fun was all."

"Picking on my friend isn't what I would call fun. Would you like me to tell my father what you've done lately? Tavern hopping? Sleeping on the job? What about that time you made him run away crying?"

"Please princess, I promise I won't do it again." he said as she wiggled in her grasp.

"And if you do you'll be hearing from my father." she said before letting him go.

"Yes princess, I'm very sorry." he said before running away.

Oh how he hated that guy. How he became a knight he would never know, but through the years all he did was pull tricks and pranks on him because he was the only elf in the city, and apparently giving someone crap as a present was funny. He would show him. When he became a knight he would kick his ass to kingdom come.

"Don't let him get under your skin OK?" she said as she knelt.

"It's alright, he'll get what's coming to him one day."

Just as they were about to leave they were confronted by the king who had shrunk, and dressed in different clothing to avoid the unnecessary attention. He seemed happy though as he approached them with a smile. What could he want?

"Elaina, lunch has been prepared if you're hungry, and for you as well if you want to join us Ether."

"Nah, I'll be fine for tonight, but maybe tomorrow would be good."

"Sounds good, are you ready sweetie?" he asked.

"Actually I'm not that hungry." she replied, just as her stomach growling.

"Not that hungry eh?" Ether followed up.

It was thank to being in rush that she hadn't gotten the chance to eat any breakfast, and since dinner the night before was pretty small her stomach was begging for more food.

"OK maybe a little."

"Yeah, why don't you go eat? I'm going back to hunting, but I'll talk to you later."

"OK, but don't forget your promise." she said as she began walking away with her dad.

"The winter festival, got it!"

And with that he was off to harvest more, and with half a day still to go he had plenty of time to fill his pockets. Still, he did wish she would have come along; he enjoyed the company, but oh well. Dinner awaited him.
Chapter 4

Night Terror

Well the night had finally come. After a day of swapping numbers and discussing where they would meet it was time to get everything underway. With the time only being 7 P.M the night was still young, and with midnight being their deadline they would have plenty of time to play around while their friends tried to sell their homemade comics and mangas. As the moon began rising over their house Nika began making some last-minute adjustments to her costume. With her hair made to look like Lieutenant and the clothes all fixed up so that it fit snug against her body she seemed ready to go.

"Hm, maybe I should make it a bit baggier like on the show." she thought as she spun around in the costume.

Whoever made it sure did a good job though. Every little marking, and every little badge looked just like it did on the show. As she admired herself in the mirror though she heard the doorbell ring before she heard her mother calling out to her. It was time to get the show on the road.

"Nika sweetie, your friend in here!" she heard before grabbing her bag.

"Dad please don't pester him too much." she begged as she began walking downstairs.

By the sound of it though everything was going pretty smoothly. There was no yelling, no arguing, maybe bringing him wasn't a bad idea after all. Once she stepped down to the bottom step though she could see her father and Richard sitting across each other from their living room table, their eyes focused on each other as each tried to keep calm. With a deep breath Rich began by answering his questions.

"So tell me, have you ever received a ticket?"

"No sir, I've got a clean record there." he boasted.

"Hm, what about alcohol?"

"I'll drink a bit, but not enough so I wouldn't be able to drive." he answered with a straight face, inside though his nerves were working overtime.

"Good, and just what do you plan on doing at this festival?" he asked as those bright blue eyes stared right into his student's soul.

"Uh well I thought I would take Nika out for some fun while my friends tried to make some extra money for our club."

"What kind of fun, and just what are you selling?" he asked more intensely.
"Whoa OK we're just going to play some games and relax, and we're just selling comics." he told him straight out as he leaned back on the couch.

"And what kind of games are these?" he asked as he continued to glare at him.

Christ, those eyes could take anyones soul, but with luck maybe it would all be over and they could get on with their plans., though that wasn't needed as his wife decided to interrupt them before things could progress any further.

"Now honey I'm sure he mean no harm to our little girl. Do you?" she asked as she leaned over towards him.

"No, no I swear nothing like that will happen. We're just going there to relax and have some fun is all, I promise." he replied with haste as his muscles began trembling.

"See? They're good to go." she said as she patted his shoulder.

"Yeah ok, but~"

But before he could finish what he was saying his lovely daughter interrupted as she pulled him up from the couch, and towards the open door. If she knew her father as well as she did they would have been there for hours going back and forth, but since they were on a timer she thought it would be best if she took things into her own hands. As she pulled him towards the door though her father tried to stop them.

"Hey, remember you two midnight tonight!" he called out, only to receive a little wave back from her before she closed the door behind them.

"Jeez, you're still a big worry wart over her. You know she's 22 now, you can't keep treating her like a child forever." Margret said as he sat back down.

"Yeah yeah I know, but I just don't want anything to happen to her that would ruin her life." he said as he took a deep breath.

"Hey, just have faith that she'll make the right choices, and she'll be alright." she said as she grabbed his hand.

"Maybe, but still..." he questioned as they heard the truck drive off.

While they settled things at home both were off to the festivities, and being only a few miles away it wouldn't take long for them to get there. With the moon rising, and the clouds clearing it was looking to be a great night, and with that cool breeze it was made even better after the last heat wave. As he drove though he tried to not stare at her, but she did look pretty awesome in it.

"Want some music?" he offered as he turned on the radio.

"Sure, sounds good." she replied.

As he turned the little knob though to flip through the channels something caught his attention on the news channel.

"Reports are coming in from around the area of bright lights flashing in the sky. Though close enough to view though scientists can't seem to verify what exactly is causing it. We'll update you on this story as it progresses." they heard before he changed it.

"Eh who's needs the news." he said before changing it to some rock.

"Bright flashes though, maybe the light of the moon is causing it?" pondered Nika.

"Maybe, or maybe it's aliens coming to eat our brains." he teased as they approached the site.

"Oh yeah, and to impregnate the women." she followed up as they both had a good chuckle about it.

Oh the kinds of stories that appeared in the news; from flying saucers to mythical animals. It all just sounded like a heap of lies to them though. With only half a mile to go though they wouldn't have to listen to it for long. With the front entrance in view it was only a matter of time before they could finally start relaxing after a hard week at school.

"And we have arrived." he said before pulling up into the nearest parking space.

"There aren't many kids here are there?" followed Nika as she looked around through the windshield.

"Yeah, this one is mostly meant for young adults, but you'll see when you're inside." he promised before jumping out.

And right he was for the moment they paid for their pass and stepped through the gate they were greeted by more stuff then they could handle. Stands stretched from end to end while a corn-stalk maze sat to their right, and a haunted forest rested at their left. From up on the hill they couldn't really hear it, but it seemed they managed to get one of the local bands to play. Jack-o-lanterns covered the ground while wooden cut outs of classic movie monsters pointed the way to each section of the grounds.

"Wow, it's a lot bigger than I thought it would be." she said as they proceeded towards their set stand.

"Yeah, we usually come here every year to try to gain a bit of money. Sure we don't get much, but you got to take what you can get you know?"

When he didn't hear her answer though he turned to find out she was already partaking in the festivities. With her head dunked in the water she tried her best to grab an apple with her mouth. Just seeing her dunking in and out was pretty funny to watch as water got all over her outfit and hair. As he watched though an all too familiar voice came up behind him.

"Well, well it seems you're both already having some fun there." he heard, before turning to find it was William.

"Yeah well if she wants to play I can't really stop her can I?"

"True that, but anyways do you remember where we are?" he asked as he held the box of manga on his shoulder.

"That way right?" replied Richard as he pointed to his left.

"Yep, third stand to your right."

"Nice, so I suppose the others are here as well?"

"Yeah, they're stocking up now. I was just heading back to the car to grab more copies."

The instant he mentioned he had new copies though their playful friend rose back up with an apple in her mouth and snatched a copy away from the box, just to take a little peek. Well it certainly did fit the holiday, that was for sure. With colorful pages and an interesting story behind it she found herself kind of liking it.

"So what do you think?" asked William.

"It's pretty cool. Who made it?" she asked once she spat out the apple into her hand.

"Miles, he draws it up, Levy colors it in, and as for me I mass produce them. It's a very tedious process, but it's well worth it for the few extra bucks."

"Yeah, but it looks really good. Hope you sell a lot." she said with a smile, handing the book back.

"Yeah, but if we don't that's fine as well, that's what normal jobs are for anyways. Well I better get back before those two turn our stand to ruins. Catch ya both later." he said before running off.

Well they had the night to themselves, but what would they do first? If they got hungry both had money for snacks, and with so many games to play it almost gave them a headache. It was decided though that they would start small, and work their way up. So to kick things off they started off with Ball Throw. With a dollar in hand Nika decided to take the challenge.

"You sure you're up for this? Those are a lot of bottle." he said as he gazed across the group of 15 bottles just begging to get knocked down.

"Please, they use to call me Pinpoint Nika in little league." she said as the tender brought forth her three baseballs.

"Oh really, then let's see that arm in action."

With her target locked on the very center of the group she took a deep breath before lining up her sight once more. Once she threw her arm back though it was all over for the poor bottle. With a good windup she let it loose as it went speeding towards her target until it met its mark. Bottles scattered everywhere as each caused a domino effect that knocked down each and every one of them.

"Jesus!" she exclaimed as he saw the bottles fall to the ground.

"Told ya." she said with a wink.

"Good on you girly. Now which prize would you like? You can pick from the right side." he said as he gestured to the Halloween themed plushies.

"Hm, I'll take the Frankenstein Monster please." she replied back.

"Alright, and here ya go. Have a nice night." he said before handing her the plush, only to add in a howl at the end that kind of made them cringe.

As they walked away they began chuckling at just how into it he was. Sure, he was earing a werewolf costume, but the howl just made it seem more funny than terrifying. To their surprise though only thirty minutes had passed since they arrived; which meant they were in no hurry.

"Oh here we go! This is my jam." he said as they approached a shooting range.


"Yep, I may not look it, but I've got a pretty solid history with guns. Just watch and learn." he answered before handing the tender three bucks.

It did interest her a bit that he had used guns before, but she couldn't see him as the violent type. All she could do though was watch as he took the lined up the rifle with his targets, while the tender placed ten shots down on the counter. With a deep breath he tried to keep a steady hand as he lined up his sight.

"Relax, just remember was Sergeant told you." he thought.

"Are you ready to start?" the tender asked as he placed his finger on the start button.

"Yeah." he said before taking another breath.

Once the timer started the game was underway. With sight lined up with his first target he took steady aim, and gently pulled the trigger as the moving target came into view. With a single shot he managed to take down the wooden ghoul, but there were still nine left. Once more, he grabbed another plastic pellet, loaded it up, and took steady aim as the werewolf came into view. And just like before the beastie went down. He was on fire as he continued hitting most of his targets, missing only two, but still it was a good effort.

"Oooo better watch out, this is your last shot." she teased.

All he did was raise his hand before taking aim again. With his breath steady he lined up with his undead target, and with a swift pull he shot right towards its chest. Once it went down the game ended as he sat the gun down. Man, it felt good to do that against after three years.

"Congrats sir, you shot eight out of ten targets. You may pick your prize from the center." the man said as he moved out-of-the-way.

"Hm, I think I'll take the Creature from the Black Lagoon model set."

"Very good sir. I hope you both have a wonderful night." he replied as he handed him the kit.

Well that was fun, it actually kind of reminded him of his old J.R.O.T.C days in high school, except not as funny. Now that he got his prize it was time to head over to something else. There were many things to do, but there was one game that he wanted to show her.

"You're going to put that up in the club room aren't you?" she asked.

"Sure am, I might even swap one of the figures with it just to tease them." he said before snickering.

"Gasp, I thought you weren't like that." she said as a smirk spread across her face.

"Now I never said that..." he answered as he smirked back.

"True, so what's up next?"

"Well if you're up for it there's this pretty cool game that's not too far from here."

"Oh, what is it?" she asked curiously.

"You'll see." he answered before guiding her to the western sector of the festival.

Oh she would alright, it was something that happened every year on Halloween, and this year it was their turn to get in on the action. After a good five-minute walk they came to one of the larger portions of the area. Before them was a fenced in area, and inside were people who looked to had been shooting at zombies.

"Wait, you're not suggesting we do this right?"

"They're just people in zombie make-up. Plus it's really fun. Me and Miles participated last year and we had a blast."

"So you won?"

"No, but we did have fun."

"Oh, but how do you play?" she asked in concern.

"It's simple, once you pay they hand you this red colored tag. You attack it to the back of your pants. You also get the choice of one gun to use, and you're given a little pocket of pellets to use. Hit a zombie in the head and they're considered dead, but don't let them take your tag or else you're out."

"Oh so it's like tag football then."

"Yep, it's that simple. Oh, there are also towers surrounding the arena where players can climb and snipe. So don't worry, I'll have your back out there." he promised.

She would need to think on it for a bit, but just when she thought she had her answer an all too familiar voice came up behind the two of them. Who was it? It was time to roll out the red carpet for the King of Salt himself, Phil. His smug face just made him even more annoyed that he had showed up, and just when things were starting to get good.

"Wooo look who we have here. Little Chubby Richy, and oh, you actually got yourself a date. Isn't she the sweetest little sugar lump." he teased as he stood before them with his two goons Lia and Johnny.

"Hey Phil, shouldn't you be home with your underaged girlfriend? Oh wait, that's right you're too pussy whipped to go back."

"Hey, shut the fuck up man. At least I can get a girl!"

"Yeah, a girl who's six years younger than you, sixteen was she?"

"Grrrr, well fine, then maybe I'll just take your girl for myself then." he hissed before grabbing Nika by her sleeve, pulling her over.

With his grip on her being tight she couldn't move away as the other two grabbed the sides of her jacket she couldn't escape. Things were looking pretty messy too as Phil reached around to grab at one of her breasts. Her lips quivered as she felt his hand grab her, but Richy wasn't having any of that.

"Let me go!" she growled as she struggled to get free.

"Why would I do that my dear? After all you look so tasty." he snickered before licking along her neck.

"Phil, if you don't cut this crap out I will call the police, and have you arrested for molestation."

"Oh really? Look around you, there's barely anyone around this area, and without evidence you can't prove nothing." he said as his hand began moving south.

Anger began filling up inside of him as he tried to find a way to get her free. But it seemed she had it covered all herself, for as soon as he began reaching for her she drove her elbow into the molesters ribs, and before the other two could reach she did the same to their faces. Once free she raced back over to her friend who was kind of chuckling at their pain.

"That's what you get for messing with her." he said as Phil rubbed his sore chest.

"Fine, you want to play then? Let's play." he growled before charging at him.

Using his head Phil forced him up again the fence, before giving him a swift punch to the face. It hurt sure, but with his new-found rage Richard managed to grab his next punch, and instead turned him towards the fence before giving him a few punches to the face and chest.

"Ugh, back off you fatass!" he growled before shoving him back.

"Then give up and walk away."

"Never, you think this is over you swine? I'm still standing!" he declared.

Then and there it was as if karma answered him with a big "fuck you" as something from the sky began heading right towards them. Quickly both Richard and Nika moved as Lia and Johnny ran over to support their friend as he stood back up. Meanwhile the object began its descent towards the ground as others began yelling as it approached the fair grounds.

"Phil, you've got to move now!" exclaimed Richard as Nika followed him back.

"What's wrong? Scared yet Richy?" he teased.

But by the time he looked up it was too late. The object crashed right into them, squashing them like bugs under a shoe. Quickly Richard and Nika moved backwards as the object began skidding towards them, only to have a group of people behind them who heard and saw the debris.

"Oh my god..." Nika said softly and in shock.

"Nika, we need to go now." he said as he tried pushing through the crowd.

His way out was blocked however as their three friends joined them.

"Whoa, what the hell is that?" asked Levy as they pushed through to the front.

"Once the dust settles we'll see." William said.

"Maybe it's a piece of space debris, or a chunk from the space station."

But once the dust began to settle everyone knew what had happened. It wasn't a chunk of space rock, or a piece of the space station, but instead a dark blue space craft, one none of them had ever seen. It was in the shape of a boomerang, and had only one central compartment. Some were interested, but some also wanted to get away before something strange happened.

"Awesome!" Levy declared before running over to touch it.

"Levy, get back over here." Miles hissed.

"Relax, touching it won't do anything." he said as he slowly moved towards it.

As he got closer though something began to happen, the dome over the central compartment began opening. As he stepped back though something shot out of it, something that looked a lot like a lightning bolt, and in and instant they found their friend on the ground with a large hole in his shirt.

"Levy!" Miles called out, before running out to grab him.

But instead he found himself being attacked by the same kind of bolt. Two were down as the other three stayed away from the object. That didn't seem to do much of anything though as a third bolt hit William. Three were down, with only Richard and Nika remaining he grabbed her and began moving towards the crowd, but it was too late. The moment he decided to turn a final bolt shot out and nailed him right in the chest, just like the others.

"Agh, what's this burning~" he thought as he held his chest.

Everything was starting to go black as he fell to the side. The last thing he heard before blacking out was the sound of Nika calling out to him.

"Richard? Richard!?"
Rising Ether


Horrific Beginnings

The screaming, that terrible, screeching screaming, he wanted to stop so much. As the young elf hid down below the house all he could hear were the screams of MCs people as one by one they fell. The air was thick with death as he held dagger close to his chest. His town, his home, how could he just sit back and let them take everything away? But what could he do? What could a six-year-old possibly do against a horde of monstrous orcs? Nothing, and so as his mind faded the screams faded into oblivion as his mind finally gave out.

What seemed like hours though had only been forty minutes when he awoke from his slumber. Seeing as how he wasn't dead though he guessed the invisibility spell his parents had cast onto the underground shelter had worked. Without his scent to pick up those beasts must had thought they had taken out the last of the children. As he emerged from his safe haven though the sounds of blazing fire, and creaking would could be heard from all around. Blood covered the ground as did the limbs of his people. It was all just too horrible; but what about his parents?

"Mommy? Daddy? Aiser?!" he called out as he dragged his feet across the ground.

No answer, nothing from anyone? His village, the place he had grown up in was all but gone. As he forced himself across the ground he could feel his heart cracking, it was going to break soon. The sight of his fellow elves slain like pigs for slaughter, began mixing his sadness with rage as he let out a loud scream. Where was he to go now? He had no home, and no money, and without a home he too would find himself among the dead.

"Please Aiser, help me~" he pleaded as he fell to his knees.

But as he collapsed he thought he saw something familiar. Could it had been his father, mother, and brother's armor? As he moved closer though he learned the dark, harsh truth about what had happened. Laying before him were the decapitated bodies of his family. The mother who had given birth to him, the father who had raised him up, and the brother who inspired him. As tears poured from his eyes he took the only weapon he had, and began stabbing the ground with great force. Every bit of sadness and rage filled each lunge as he whimpered.

"Mommy, daddy, please come back." he whimpered as he tried to cuddle up with their bodies.

What else could he do? He mind as well had been dead. The coldness of his parent's bodies just made his heart shatter into bits and pieces. With his death soon to come he waited for the monsters to return so that maybe he could join his family in the afterlife, but when he looked up something caught his eye.

His brother's sword, it was still in his hand. Made by the giants of Amnear, it was said to bring courage to those who needed it. As he let go of his family he stood back up and walked around to take up his brother's sword. The grip was still warm, and the blade still shined as the blood of their enemy covered it. The blood of his enemy, there was no other choice. If he wanted to live he couldn't give it. As his fingers wiped up the blood from the blade he began spreading it over his arms, legs, and face, if he ran into them at least they wouldn't catch his scent. It was as his brother had taught him; if he gave up then and there, it was all but over. And so with the blade of his family at his side he took one last look back before leaving behind everything.

"Goodnight." was all he could say to everyone, before taking his leave into the forest.

To leave the place he was brought in, it hurt, but he knew if he wanted his kind of live on he couldn't just give up on life, and the blade he held would help him out. Still where could he go for help? The only town closest to him was the town of Amnear, and that was miles away. With his head held high though he began his trek to the west, towards the city of immigrants.

Days turned to weeks, and with barely any hunting experience he couldn't rely on the wild life for sustenance; so to keep on going all he could drink and eat were berries found in the forest, and water from a stream or lake. Upon the third week though his body began lagging behind. He didn't even have the strength to hold the blade up, but instead drag it across the ground.

"Food..." he groaned as his stomach grumbled.

There was only so much berries and water could do for him. He was so used to eating big meals of both meat and veggies that eating so little didn't really do much for him. Still, he had a mission, and that was to reach shelter. As he dragged himself along though he thought he heard talking, and it was getting closer. Quickly he tried to hop into a nearby bush. With his breathing silenced he peaked out as he heard them approaching.

"So which way now genius?" he heard as his eyes scanned each one of them.

An eternal giant, a normal elf, and a wolf, but what caught his eyes was the armor they were wearing. It looked just like the armor the guards from Amnear wore, but what were they doing out there? Were they headed to his village? Wait, if they were from the city, then that meant maybe they could help him. As he kneeled in the bush though he saw them walking away.

"Please, don't go." he begged as his vision began to blur.

The weeks were starting to catch up with him as he tried to drag him and his blade out of the bush. His little arms could only pull him so far though as he tried to call out for them, but with his throat being so dry it only hurt. With only half his body sticking out he gathered up his breath and let out his last plea.

"Help!" was all he could muster as his mind began to fade.

The last thing he saw were the feet of the giant headed right for him before he finally closed his eyes. Was he safe now? If so he couldn't really feel it as his hand gripped the hilt of his sword as tight as he could. He knew it was up to him to get to safety, and it seemed it might had worked. He wasn't too far away from the city, but still he just couldn't go on anymore. His life was forever changed after that day, the day of death, fire, and sadness.

So, he had found a new home in the city of Amnear, a city ruled by the eternal giant king Serion, and his lovely queen Rosa, but it just didn't fill the void that those damned monsters had made. Yeah sure there were other races in the city as well, from goblins, to dwarves, and heck even some anthros managed to make a life there, but it just wasn't his home. As he sat in the kingdom palace, upon the giant table he could only listen as the servants whipped him up a small bowl of stew.

"Poor kid, to see something like that at such a young age." Serion said as his wife walked in.

"Do not fret my love, he'll find happiness here. I'm sure of it." she followed up as they both looked at the tiny boy sitting on the table, his eyes completely void of life.

"Do we have the men working on finding out who did this?" he asked.

:"Yes, they've determined that a group of orcs had invaded his village, and slaughtered his people for food."

"Grrrr, monsters, the lot of them." he growled just as the food was being brought out.

With a small bowl of soup in hand their cook Louise brought it out to him, with a spoon to help. Instead of lighting up though he found himself just staring at the food. His mind was so jumbled up that he could barely eat, but upon instinct he began devouring the potatoes and carrots. Even though it hurt his throat he swallowed every bite until it was all gone.

After his little meal though they decided to let him go free for the time being; at least that way he could get use to his new home. As he walked along the roads though he noticed it was a lot more lively than his old home. Hundreds of people flooded the streets in search of supplies to buy, but as for him he was still trying to cope with what had happened. In his mind he knew he had to forget, and move on with his life. He couldn't be such a downer if he was to grow up big and strong, but still it was just too soon for him to do that.

"One, two, three, and four." he said as he counted the gold pieces the king had given him.

As he walked along though he began getting a feeling that he was being followed. As he stopped a shadow covered him as something big stood behind him. What was it? With his nerves on fire he gripped the handle of his blade, and quickly turned; only to find a tall girl towering before him. An eight foot tall child? That was impossible, unless she was...

"Uh, hello?" he said as he lowered his blade.

All she gave in return was a smile as those purple eyes of hers lit up from the sun. As he looked up at her though he noticed that she was actually very pretty, with her hair being short, and those beautiful purple eyes, and even if she was much taller than him that didn't mean anything. As he stood there though he felt her wrap her arms around him, before hugging him like a doll.

"Oof, uh..."

"There, there, it will be alright." she said as he patted his head.

He honestly felt more like a play toy to her, but as he was held to her large frame he began feeling that warmth again, the warmth of a loved one. Perhaps moving on wouldn't be so bad after all. And so a new chapter began in the life of young Ether, a chapter that would bring both happiness, and hardships, but with new friends, and his brother's sword at his side, he knew he would pull through no matter what. That was hid code, the words he lived by.
Rising Ether [Prologue] Horrific Beginnings
Ether, an elf with a dark past will now face that darkness once again. When an evil warlord rises it will be up to him, and his comrades to push it back, but will it be enough? Will Ether fall victime to the darkness, or will light shine through? One thing is for sure, this will be their most dangerous task yet.
Somehow, there's a hacker lurking around here who not only changes the name of users around here, but he also posts a journal entry claiming that you'll commit suicide, and he'll troll with the same journal entry by adding inappropriate comments! He'll even add insult to injury by writing naughty comments on your page, and add a crude drawing of a male's private parts! If he reads this, he'll probably think twice before hacking! Spread the word, and stop this evil hacker before you become his next victim!

Apparently, he's targeted a user formerly named kronosfactor52, renamed him TruePhazonianForce posted a similar journal entry on his dA page, and added harsh comments to it!

Copy and paste this to your journal so that it doesn't happen to you!!!
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