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Rising Ether


Horrific Beginnings

The screaming, that terrible, screeching screaming, he wanted to stop so much. As the young elf hid down below the house all he could hear were the screams of MCs people as one by one they fell. The air was thick with death as he held dagger close to his chest. His town, his home, how could he just sit back and let them take everything away? But what could he do? What could a six-year-old possibly do against a horde of monstrous orcs? Nothing, and so as his mind faded the screams faded into oblivion as his mind finally gave out.

What seemed like hours though had only been forty minutes when he awoke from his slumber. Seeing as how he wasn't dead though he guessed the invisibility spell his parents had cast onto the underground shelter had worked. Without his scent to pick up those beasts must had thought they had taken out the last of the children. As he emerged from his safe haven though the sounds of blazing fire, and creaking would could be heard from all around. Blood covered the ground as did the limbs of his people. It was all just too horrible; but what about his parents?

"Mommy? Daddy? Aiser?!" he called out as he dragged his feet across the ground.

No answer, nothing from anyone? His village, the place he had grown up in was all but gone. As he forced himself across the ground he could feel his heart cracking, it was going to break soon. The sight of his fellow elves slain like pigs for slaughter, began mixing his sadness with rage as he let out a loud scream. Where was he to go now? He had no home, and no money, and without a home he too would find himself among the dead.

"Please Aiser, help me~" he pleaded as he fell to his knees.

But as he collapsed he thought he saw something familiar. Could it had been his father, mother, and brother's armor? As he moved closer though he learned the dark, harsh truth about what had happened. Laying before him were the decapitated bodies of his family. The mother who had given birth to him, the father who had raised him up, and the brother who inspired him. As tears poured from his eyes he took the only weapon he had, and began stabbing the ground with great force. Every bit of sadness and rage filled each lunge as he whimpered.

"Mommy, daddy, please come back." he whimpered as he tried to cuddle up with their bodies.

What else could he do? He mind as well had been dead. The coldness of his parent's bodies just made his heart shatter into bits and pieces. With his death soon to come he waited for the monsters to return so that maybe he could join his family in the afterlife, but when he looked up something caught his eye.

His brother's sword, it was still in his hand. Made by the giants of Amnear, it was said to bring courage to those who needed it. As he let go of his family he stood back up and walked around to take up his brother's sword. The grip was still warm, and the blade still shined as the blood of their enemy covered it. The blood of his enemy, there was no other choice. If he wanted to live he couldn't give it. As his fingers wiped up the blood from the blade he began spreading it over his arms, legs, and face, if he ran into them at least they wouldn't catch his scent. It was as his brother had taught him; if he gave up then and there, it was all but over. And so with the blade of his family at his side he took one last look back before leaving behind everything.

"Goodnight." was all he could say to everyone, before taking his leave into the forest.

To leave the place he was brought in, it hurt, but he knew if he wanted his kind of live on he couldn't just give up on life, and the blade he held would help him out. Still where could he go for help? The only town closest to him was the town of Amnear, and that was miles away. With his head held high though he began his trek to the west, towards the city of immigrants.

Days turned to weeks, and with barely any hunting experience he couldn't rely on the wild life for sustenance; so to keep on going all he could drink and eat were berries found in the forest, and water from a stream or lake. Upon the third week though his body began lagging behind. He didn't even have the strength to hold the blade up, but instead drag it across the ground.

"Food..." he groaned as his stomach grumbled.

There was only so much berries and water could do for him. He was so used to eating big meals of both meat and veggies that eating so little didn't really do much for him. Still, he had a mission, and that was to reach shelter. As he dragged himself along though he thought he heard talking, and it was getting closer. Quickly he tried to hop into a nearby bush. With his breathing silenced he peaked out as he heard them approaching.

"So which way now genius?" he heard as his eyes scanned each one of them.

An eternal giant, a normal elf, and a wolf, but what caught his eyes was the armor they were wearing. It looked just like the armor the guards from Amnear wore, but what were they doing out there? Were they headed to his village? Wait, if they were from the city, then that meant maybe they could help him. As he kneeled in the bush though he saw them walking away.

"Please, don't go." he begged as his vision began to blur.

The weeks were starting to catch up with him as he tried to drag him and his blade out of the bush. His little arms could only pull him so far though as he tried to call out for them, but with his throat being so dry it only hurt. With only half his body sticking out he gathered up his breath and let out his last plea.

"Help!" was all he could muster as his mind began to fade.

The last thing he saw were the feet of the giant headed right for him before he finally closed his eyes. Was he safe now? If so he couldn't really feel it as his hand gripped the hilt of his sword as tight as he could. He knew it was up to him to get to safety, and it seemed it might had worked. He wasn't too far away from the city, but still he just couldn't go on anymore. His life was forever changed after that day, the day of death, fire, and sadness.

So, he had found a new home in the city of Amnear, a city ruled by the eternal giant king Serion, and his lovely queen Rosa, but it just didn't fill the void that those damned monsters had made. Yeah sure there were other races in the city as well, from goblins, to dwarves, and heck even some anthros managed to make a life there, but it just wasn't his home. As he sat in the kingdom palace, upon the giant table he could only listen as the servants whipped him up a small bowl of stew.

"Poor kid, to see something like that at such a young age." Serion said as his wife walked in.

"Do not fret my love, he'll find happiness here. I'm sure of it." she followed up as they both looked at the tiny boy sitting on the table, his eyes completely void of life.

"Do we have the men working on finding out who did this?" he asked.

:"Yes, they've determined that a group of orcs had invaded his village, and slaughtered his people for food."

"Grrrr, monsters, the lot of them." he growled just as the food was being brought out.

With a small bowl of soup in hand their cook Louise brought it out to him, with a spoon to help. Instead of lighting up though he found himself just staring at the food. His mind was so jumbled up that he could barely eat, but upon instinct he began devouring the potatoes and carrots. Even though it hurt his throat he swallowed every bite until it was all gone.

After his little meal though they decided to let him go free for the time being; at least that way he could get use to his new home. As he walked along the roads though he noticed it was a lot more lively than his old home. Hundreds of people flooded the streets in search of supplies to buy, but as for him he was still trying to cope with what had happened. In his mind he knew he had to forget, and move on with his life. He couldn't be such a downer if he was to grow up big and strong, but still it was just too soon for him to do that.

"One, two, three, and four." he said as he counted the gold pieces the king had given him.

As he walked along though he began getting a feeling that he was being followed. As he stopped a shadow covered him as something big stood behind him. What was it? With his nerves on fire he gripped the handle of his blade, and quickly turned; only to find a tall girl towering before him. An eight foot tall child? That was impossible, unless she was...

"Uh, hello?" he said as he lowered his blade.

All she gave in return was a smile as those purple eyes of hers lit up from the sun. As he looked up at her though he noticed that she was actually very pretty, with her hair being short, and those beautiful purple eyes, and even if she was much taller than him that didn't mean anything. As he stood there though he felt her wrap her arms around him, before hugging him like a doll.

"Oof, uh..."

"There, there, it will be alright." she said as he patted his head.

He honestly felt more like a play toy to her, but as he was held to her large frame he began feeling that warmth again, the warmth of a loved one. Perhaps moving on wouldn't be so bad after all. And so a new chapter began in the life of young Ether, a chapter that would bring both happiness, and hardships, but with new friends, and his brother's sword at his side, he knew he would pull through no matter what. That was hid code, the words he lived by.
Rising Ether [Prologue] Horrific Beginnings
Ether, an elf with a dark past will now face that darkness once again. When an evil warlord rises it will be up to him, and his comrades to push it back, but will it be enough? Will Ether fall victime to the darkness, or will light shine through? One thing is for sure, this will be their most dangerous task yet.
Chapter 3

The Anime and Manga Club

So the day came and went, nothing new and nothing really all that special. With all his assignments turned in though, and with nothing else added to his schedule it seemed he had the weekend all to himself. Seriously, it felt like his wrists were about to snap in half after all that drawing he had to do the night before, but with that out-of-the-way, and with no extra assignments added the weekend was looking pretty good to him. No sketch pads, no colored pencils, and no stress; the up coming weekend was going to be awesome.

With both classes complete and his books all packed up he looked down at his watch and saw that it read almost one in the afternoon, and he knew what that meant. With his books packed up, and his spirit held high he made his way out of the building, and across the street towards the fountain where he could see Nika waiting for him.

"Thank you." he whispered as he crossed the street.

Once across he was home free, and it looked as if she was ready to go as well. With her bag thrown over her shoulder, and a sweet smile on her face it was clear she was ready for some fun. Actually thinking about that made him wonder she did for fun before? With no friends to hang out with did she spend most of her time at home and at the gym? Who knew, but that was in the past.

"Heyo, so you ready to go?" he asked as he adjusted his book bag.

"Sure, but where? You're not taking me any place weird are you?" she asked with a raised brow.

"Eh...weird isn't the best word. You'll see when we get there though."

"Really, wouldn't you rather tell me?" she asked as she stared at him.

"Oh you'll see when we get there." he assured her.

"Hm~okies, but you have to promise me no weird stuff OK?" she asked of him.

"Rest assured I won't let anything like that happen."

"Good, then shall we go?" she asked before jumping on his back.

"Uh, what are you doing?"

"A piggie back ride."

"Do I look like a horse?" he asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Nope, but you're soft and warm. Pretty please? Just this once, and I promise you won't have to do it ever again." she asked of him as she flashed those pretty hazel eyes at him.

"Oi, well if it makes her happy then one little ride won't hurt right?" he told himself before taking off towards the Magnolia Building.

The fact that he had a girl hanging onto his back was weird enough, but that he was giving her a piggie back ride in the middle of the campus with others around still stumped him. The looks they gave them, they were daggers of jealousy, or sadness, but either way she seemed to like it. With her arms carefull placed around his neck, he held onto them so she wouldn't slip and fall, while her legs were curled around his stomach. Yeah, the looks were annoying, but it did his heart good to know she was having some fun as she giggled and patted his back to make him go fast.

"Heheh come on you can go faster can't you?" she begged.

"Only if~you want me to~pass out." he told her as he began running short of breath.

But that wouldn't be necessary because the moment his lungs began working overtime was the moment they arrived at the double doors of the building. Oh thank god, if he had to run with her on her back any more his lungs would have broken in two. Once she jumped down though he took a deep breath to retrieve what air he lost.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

"I'm fine, just a bit of asthma is all." he told her as he took one last deep breath.

"Oh, I didn't push you too hard did you?" she asked in a worried tone.

"Nah, I've had it since I was six. I'll be fine, just not more rides for while please." he said before opening the door.

With her little nod in agreement they both made their way past the library and to the series of club rooms. Once he grabbed a hold of the door handle though he stopped to tell her something. It was for the best if she was to was hang out with them.

"I must warn you these few can be a bit, rambunctious at times." he told her.

"Oh how bad can they be?" she asked in response.

"You have no idea."

And with that he opened the door up only to be greeted by the shouts and groaning of his friends. Figured, even though they all liked anime and video games they could never come to a single consensus on what they should watch or play. Still it wasn't exactly the best way to introduce them to his new friend as they rolled around on the floor, kicking and punching from time to time.

"Are they alright?" she asked as her eyes followed their every movement.

"Yeah...I'll be right back." he said he storming into the shit storm before him.

With both Levy and Miles wrestling around on the floor it didn't take much of an effort to get up behind them, and grab them both by the back of their heads. But instead of stopping right there he simply forced them to headbutt each other.

"There, now stay down the both of you." said Richard as he dropped them both.

"Ah, come on bud we were just having a little friendly tussle. You know, to find who's the strongest and all that good stuff." stated Levy as he rubbed his forehead.

"No, we asked you to pick a game, but you refused to do even that. Come on get your head in the game."

"I told you I don't like those games, but you just had to bring them." Levy replied as he became even more annoyed.

"Then don't play!"

"How about both of you calm your road for just a moment." Richard said as he tried to take control of the situation.

"You brought something for us?" asked Miles.

"Not really, but~"

"Does it have something to do with that girl over there?" asked William as he pointed to Nika.

To Richard's surprise though she seemed kind of wrapped up in the anime and manga that surrounded her. Heck, she was even flipping through some of the pages as her eyes scanned each one. She even took a look at their little figure collection they had going on to their right.

"Oh my god, you guys have the Alter FA4 Arcueid Brunestud figure, and the special edition Madoka Magica figure that came out only in Japan? Oooo and what's this?" she asked as she looked through the glass case at all the figures they had on display.

"...So I take you you're a fan of anime and manga then?" asked Richard.

"Oh yeah, I've seen tons of it, and I've played some visual novels myself. Oooo do you guys have any of those?" she asked, excitedly.

Well that was pretty surprising, just from her looks and personality he wouldn't have gotten that she was into that kind of stuff, but if she was then that was even better. There was still one problem though. How would the guys react when he told them who she was? Edward Stine wasn't really known as a bad guy, but from what they had heard he can be pretty damn strict, but would he really mind her hanging out with them?

"Yeah, but first we need your name sweetheart." said Levy.

"Oh sorry about that, I'm Nika Stine."

"Oh that's ni~wait rewind, Stine? As in the daughter of Edward Stine?"

All she did was nod as she fidgeted around, nervous of what they would think.

"Now guys don't get in a panic. I assure you she's nothing like him."

"Oh, and how do you know that?" asked William.

"Because we kind of hung out at the gym yesterday."

That seemed to surprise them more than the fact that the dean's daughter was in their room.

"Oh ho, so you finally managed to talk to a girl. How long has that been? Three years now?" asked Levy.

"Yeah yeah, just don't freak out about this guys. She barely has any friends, so I thought I would bring her here for a bit of fun." he stated.

"Yeah but, she's a~"

"Yes she's his daughter, but come on she needs a place to have fun for once."

As they discussed the matter though Miles grabbed his camera and began snapping photos of her, like she was a model. It kind of made her blush, but if they needed pictures of her to join then she guessed it wasn't that big of a deal.

"Hm, with this figure she could become our group's full on cosplayer."

"Cosplayer? But I've never done anything like that before." she said as she wiggled a bit.

"Don't worry about that, Richy here usually picks out pretty good costumes for us, and I'm sure he could do the same for you. Right?"

"I mean yeah, but that's if you want to do it." he said as they all looked at her.

"But dude~" Levy said.

"It's up to her if she really wants to do this, and if she says no then that's her call no matter out cute, or sexy, or~" he began saying before his mind trailed off.

To cosplay, she wasn't really sure if she wanted that. From what she had seen on the internet most girls dressed up in pretty revealing clothing, and she just wasn't sure if she wanted all those eyes on her. But then again if she had them there to help her then it probably wouldn't be too bad.

"Um, will I get a body-guard?" she asked.

"Of course, Richy here will stay with you since you two seem to know each other." Miles assured.

"Hey, what about me?!" exclaimed Levy.

"You're just a side character. Now shoo." Miles said as he smacked him in the back of the head with a rolled up school newspaper.

"Richard?" she asked as she pushed her two fingers together.


"You don't mind doing that do you?" she asked him as she looked down slightly.

"Of course not, I mean you need someone to keep you safe, and I'm sure I can at least do that."

"Really? You'll stick with me until it's finished?" she asked as she looked back up at him.

"No one will touch you so long as I'm around. I'll break their arms if they even try to touch you. Come here Levy let me show her." he teased.

"Uh no." he said as he sat down.

That was a relief, even though she may had been the deans daughter not everyone knew that, and with her looks some might have tried to take advantage of her. Even though she took self-defense lessons as a kid she wasn't sure if that would be enough to fend off a gang if one approached. Stupid leechers, but at least she would get to spend more time with her new friends.

"Hm, I guess I can give it a shot, but do you have anything that isn't so revealing?" she asked.

"Will?" asked Miles.

"Let's see, Sailor Moon, no, Maken Ki, no. Oh wait here we do. We've got a fresh Hawkeye costume right here." he said as he pulled out the blue military uniform.

"That will work." she said with a smile.

"And we even have some hair die if you feel like going all the way with it." suggested Miles.

"Yeah, I think I'll just style my hair like hers."

"That works too." Will said as he placed the costume on the table.

"Hehe isn't this great? We get to spend even more time together." Nika said as she hugged Richard's arm.

"Uh yeah, really great." he said as he felt her chest pushing against his hands.

Once that was out-of-the-way though it was onto more serious matters for the group. With haste Miles grabbed the dry erase board and dragged it out so everyone could see the Halloween logo on the front. He seemed rather serious about the whole thing.

"Alright, so as you all know the city's annual Halloween festival is being held tomorrow night down at the old field of College Drive. There will be lots of people there, and we too will be attending."

"And let me guess you want some of us to dress up in costumes to sell your manga right?" asked Levy.

"Yep, but that will be only for you and Kaos."

"Then what about us?" asked Nika.

"Oh, you two will be out and about since Richy here doesn't really cosplay. Still if you're comfortable with wearing that outfit you're free to take it home for the day and try it out."

"Sounds like a plan." she said as she let go of his arm.

"Good, now while there pleas for the love that is good and pure in this forsaken universe, don't cause any trouble."

"I make no promises." Levy assured.

"You better or else you'll find your ass kicked out just like last year."

"So I had a few drinks, that girl wanted me."

"OK well first off that was a guy, and second no drinking for you." William followed up.

"Oh come on, just one little cup."



"No!" they all yelled at once.


"Now remember that it starts at around seven o'clock so it would probably be best you get there early so you don't have to suffer through the line."

"Got it." William said.

"So are we all set on this?"

"Yeah!" they all cheered.

Later that night around the Stine table everyone had sat down to enjoy the meal her lovely mother had made for them, though this time around her nerves were a bit more scattered. She wanted to go to the Halloween festival, she really did, but would her father let her go if he knew they were all boys? Even if they were kind and sweet he would still assume that they were up to something.

"So how did things go today at school?" he asked her as he continued to eat his chicken.

"Fine, I got an A on my Math Test." she replied back as she ate her peas.

"Oh? That's great sweetie." her mother said as she gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

"Indeed, good grades and retaining that knowledge can lead to a good future in becoming a nurse."

"Yeah." she replied in a slightly nervous voice.

Once he picked up on that though those blue eyes of his were only focused on her for the time being. From her tone he could pick up that she was nervous about something, and he thought he knew what it was. With his plate clean and is glass empty he moved them aside before clutching his hands together.

"So, I saw you hanging out with someone today, a boy."

Her heart almost skipped a beat as she forced the rest of the peas down her throat, before taking a sip of her water.

"You knew?" she asked as she moved around in her chair.

"Mhm, I saw you two standing by the fountain today from my office window, and then..."

"The piggy back ride?" she asked as her cheek lit up.

"Yeah." he followed up.

"Dad please he's not a bad guy and~"

"A bad guy? Why would you think I would think he was a bad guy?"

"Well honey you do tend to scare off many of the boys." Margret said as she sipped her tea.

"Yeah, because those boys I've never seen before. However I've seen him and his little friends take charge in community service around the school, and they always try and sell their little comics during school festivities. They seem a bit strange, but pretty harmless if you ask me." she replied back with a smirk.

"So you don't mind if I hang out with them?" she asked as the mood lifted a bit.

"Well, keep that pepper spray with you, just in case, but let's just say I have a bit more faith in them than some of those other boys."

That was a big relief to her. What she thought would have happened didn't, and it looked as if they were set to go. Well almost, there was still something they had to talk about.

"So dad, there's this Halloween festival going on down at College Drive, and I was wondering if maybe I could go with my friends?" she asked as she waited for his answer.

"The same friends?" he asked in a demanding tone.

"Yes sir." she replied as she nodded her head.

"And security will be present right?"

"I assume so."

"What about alcohol?"

"Eh yes, but we promised to not to drink any of it."

"What about a body-guard?"


"Well I just want to know that you're safe."

"Honey, don't worry so much. I'm sure everything will be fine, and she'll return safe and sound."

"Hm, alright, but I want to meet with at least one of your friends, and you'll be home by twelve. Am I clear?" he asked of her.

"Yes dad, I'll have him come pick me up. Is that fine?"

"That will work."

"Thank you." she said sweetly before finishing up her meal.

Once done though she grabbed the costume William had given her and ran upstairs to try it on. With the sun having already gone down she turned on her lamps before changing into the costume. It seemed to had been fitted for a slim female like herself, and while a bit snug it at least covered her up. As she stood in front of her mirror though she wondered what other kind of costumes they had. Were there any kinky ones, or maybe even ones from hentai. Knowing them though they probably had those stashed away someplace secret.

"Hm, maybe I should have taken the dye." she told herself as she tried to style her hair a bit.

As she pulled it back into a little bun on the back of her hair though she noticed the big panda her dad had gotten her for her tenth birthday way back when. With a big smile she jumped on the bed and began snuggling it between her arms. Ah, the times when she was but a kid, but now as an adult she didn't really have much time to play with her toys with school and everything else. Still, she wanted to keep it just as a reminder.

"Hehe I hope he likes this." she said softly as she laid on the bed with the bear close.
Chapter 2


The day came and went, and before he knew it Wednesday had arrived, and he knew what that meant; no school for him. Yep, unlike during his freshmen year he only had school two days a week, and in his spare time he would either be out and about on the town, drawing up new concept art, working on school projects, or at the gym. It felt good to not have to attend every day, and with the day looking rather nice it seemed he would be able to work in peace. Still, before he even thought about touching his sketch book there was one thing he needed to do first.

Well it was that time of week again, time to try and lose that gut of his. It was only eight thirty in the morning so there the building was mostly empty as he approached the door with his I.D tag. Anytime Fitness, the gym where anyone could go at anytime, as the name implied. Yeah it was a pretty nice place to go, especially when he was stressed out, but today he was there to burn himself up. With a warm jacket wrapped around his body, and his jogging pants keeping his legs warm he walked in as the echo of the bell above the door rung throughout the building.

"Ah~perfect." he said as he took a deep breath.

His normal routine was pretty simple, first was the stair climber, then the treadmill, then some arm crunches, then to end it all off a work out with some of the weights. With his mind clear and his Ipod on he stepped up to the stair climber and placed his feet on both foot holes before turning on the machine. Once the verticality had been turned down, and the resistance turned up to ten he was off. At most he could do two miles, but if he wanted to lose the weight he was going to have to push it.

"You can come to crash and burn, just wait your turn. You might have time to speak, but there was a lesson to learn. But barely a lesson learned, cause in return you take it back to me. Surely it tasted oh so sweet, but it was never good enough to me. I bid to never turn to fail, it was never good enough for me." he hummed as he began moving.

Despite him having asthma though he never really got that tired when he worked out. It kind of confused him, but maybe it was because he wasn't running all over the place, but instead taking a little walk instead. That was beside the point though, the place was empty and it felt good to have somepeace and quiet for once, unlike at school where he had people talking his ears out.

"Hm...maybe I should call her after my little work out. She's probably wondering how things are going." he said as he picked up the pace.

Yeah, living on his own was still a new thing, but hey it was better than living with cousins who didn't know how to knock when it came to entering his room. With over half a mile gained he checked his heart rate just to make sure it wasn't going crazy. With his feet still working the peddles he grabbed ahold of the metal bars around the two handle and held on tight.

"One thirty-five, that's not bad." he thought as he continued on.'

As he continued peddling though he heard the door open, but simply brushed it off as just the manager coming by to check up on things. With his eyes closed and mind on the music he focused only on his routine as he passed the mile mark. With sweat dripping from his arms, legs, and forehead he decided to was time for a little breather. After all, he didn't want to get completely burnt out before the hour was up.

"Whew, alright so just one more mile and it's off to the weights." he told himself while he caught his breath.

As he stood there with his water bottle resting beside him he heard someone coming up behind him. Normally he would be cool and calm, but the moment he heard them coming a slight chill ran down his back. Should he look? Did it really matter who it was? Not really, so without much thought he turned to look beside him.

"Oh you've got to be shitting me. She followed me here, really?" he groaned as he saw the same girl from yesterday standing on the stair climber beside him.

Was she stalking him or something, because that was the third time she had appeared where he was. OK well the first and second time could have been just a coincident, but coming to the same gym at the same time as him? He didn't know whether to be flustered, or scared. Even so she was still very beautiful, even in her black and white tank top, and those pants, both of which curved perfectly with her great assets, and her hair was even pulled back in a ponytail.

"Gah get a grip Rich, you have no chance at that. Just don't look her way and everything will be fine." he told himself as he continued peddling.

As much as he wanted to believe that though there was something about her that was alluring, and it wasn't just her looks. Just looking at her filled his body with good vibes, and her smile only added to that. Was it just his imagination? Probably, but the moment he glanced back over at her she simply smiled before turning her gaze towards him, then something amazing happened.

"Hey, uh, are you alright?" she asked.


"Alright, are you alright?" she asked.

It was strange though, just from her voice he could tell she was nervous, but nervous about what? It couldn't have been him was it?

"Eh yeah I'm alright." he answered back as he tried to keep his own voice from trembling.

"Whew, that's good." she said as she went back to her own business.

Her nervous tone wasn't all that confused him though, her cheeks were turning red as well. Was she blushing because of him? Why was that? Was she hiding something, or was it merely a trick to get him to lower his guard? Well, there was only one way to find out.

"Um, thanks for the tissues yesterday." he told her as he kept his voice in check.

"It's alright, you needed them more than I did anyways." she replied back as her cheeks got even brighter.

"Alright so it isn't my imagination, but what's causing it?" he thought to himself as he turned his focus back to his meter.

With his little session almost complete though he slowed down and grabbed his towel to wipe the sweat from his arms and forehead. Watching her go though it was clear she was in the best of physical conditions. Heck, she even managed to complete the mile in under eight minutes; better than his own which was thirteen.

"Whew, what a machine huh?" she asked as she wiped her own forehead.

"Yeah, can I ask you something though?" he asked back.


"Yesterday you seemed to had followed me. Was that on purpose or~"

"Huh, are you accusing me of being a stalker?" she asked as her smile vanished.

"Uh no, no I was just wondering was all. I just...crap." he said as his own cheeks lit up.

To his surprise though she didn't slap or even kick him like she did with Phil, but instead giggled again.

"Heheh I'm just teasing you. You've been going there for some time right?"

"Yeah, three years, why?"


"So you're a junior as well?"

"Yeppy, only one more year and I can finally graduate."

"Nice, you seem set to do that."

It was strange, the more he talked with her the more his nerves began to settle. It was almost like he was talking with his cousin, but instead he was talking to the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

"Yep, want to come work out with the weights with me?" she offered.

"Hm, well I usually have a routine, but I guess I can break it just for today." he replied with a smile.

"Yahoo, work out partner!" she cheered before guiding him over to the benches.

Though he may had looked weak he was actually fairly strong. He didn't need a ten pound weight, or even a twenty pound weight; nope instead he went straight to the fifty pounders. As for her she took the twenty pounders for herself. With each curl he could feel his muscles tightening, and the same went for her as they sat side by side with nothing but a T.V to keep their minds off the burning sensation in their arms.

"Ugh, so what's your name?" she asked as she sat one down only to curl the other on its own.

"Richard Carizar, and you?" he asked as he worked with his arms.

"Nika, Nika Stine."

At that moment he dropped his weight, almost crushing his foot in the process, before looking back over towards her with a nervous sweat running down his face.

"S~Stine? You mean like Edward Stine?" he asked.

"Yep, the one and only."

"A-And you're his..."


Crap, if he had known that then he would have known to stay away. Of course he knew the dean of his school had a daughter, but he didn't expect her to have brown hair and hazel eyes; if anything he expected long black hair and blue eyes, with a strict disposition too boot. Was it right for him to be hanging out with her in such a casual way?

"Hey are you alright?" she asked as she sat down her last weight.

"Yeah I just...YOUR FATHER IS EDWARD STINE?!" he yelled out.

"Yeah, but why does that matter?" she asked.

"Uh hello, have you seen how he can treat some of his students. No, no I can't risk it. Nope, nuh uh." he said as his body trembled.

The moment his little rant was over though the mood changed from happy and carefree to pretty depressing as she got up from her seat. No longer was there a smile on her face, but instead a frown as she prepared to leave. It actually soured his mood a bit.

"I understand. You don't have to be friends with me if you don't want to. I'll, just be going then."

What had he done? Yeah sure she may had been his daughter, but she was still a person just like him. Just seeing her sad face kind of made his own heart break in two, but could he really risk it? He had to choose quickly because the moment she stepped out that door it would all be over.

"God dang it Richard. Stupid idiot." he told himself as he grabbed his bag.

With haste he ran towards her, and just before she could even touch the hand bar he grabbed her wrist. With his grip firmly wrapped around her hand he tried to keep her from leaving, at least for the time being. With a gulp of air was ready to speak when she interrupted him.

"Let go please..." she begged as she jerked her arm forward.

"Not before you tell me what this is all about." he said before pulling her back towards him.

"Tell you what? That every time I tried to make a friend they said no because of my family name? Because I'm a Stine I can't make a single friend? There, are you happy now?" she told him straight out before pulling her hand free.

What he said after that though made her stop in her tracks.

"I can kind of see where you're coming from. Through high school I had no friends, nada, zilch, all I had were myself and my books. I guess it was the way I looked that most tended to avoid me, but when I came to MCC I finally found a group that I could relate with." he said as she closed the door.

"What are you saying?" she asked out of curiosity as she combed her bangs back.

"Look, it's not fun being alone, and so I'm not going to do that to you. I'll be your big bad bear friend." he said as he stuck his hand out.

Hearing that name though did manage to make her chuckle a bit as that beautiful smile began appearing again.

"Hehe big bad bear friend? Seriously?" she asked as everything began to clear up.

"OK then just your friend. Is that better?" he asked as he scratched the back of his head nervously.

Instead she proceeded to wrap her arms around him, and gave him a nice big hug; one that actually began hurting his back a bit. Eh, the pain was worth it as he gave her a hug back. Still, it was kind of weird to think someone like her would choose him to be her friend. It kind of made him wonder a bit.

"So want to hang out?" she asked as she let him go.

"Ah I can't, I've got a lot of work to do before tomorrow. But if you're free around one tomorrow then sure we can do something." he told her as he adjusted his glasses.

"Sounds good, but where do you want to meet?" she asked.

" about by the fountain?"

"Great, that's pretty close to my next class anyways so that will work. But where are we going?" she said as she swung her bag over her shoulder.

"Don't worry, I've got it all up here." he assured her as he tapped his noggin.

"Uh before you go can I ask you one thing?"


"Why did you pick me out of all the guys to be your friend?"

"Oh that's easy. I've seen you helping others out, and so I thought you were a nice guy." she replied before winking.

"And that's it?"

"Well there is one more thing..." she said as her cheeks began lighting up again.

"I'm all ears."

As she bit down on her bottom lip she began thinking of how she was to explain it to him.

"You remind of...of..."


"A panda..." she finished off with as her whole face went red.

Now that was pretty weird. Was she talking purely about his size?


"Yeah, pandas are coolest, and you just looked so huggable and cuddly just like them. Sorry..."

"Uh no, no it's fine. I guess being a panda is pretty cool, but I still think lions are the best." he teased.

"Oh please, one sit and that lion would be down for the count."

"Sure, just keep telling yourself that." he replied as they both chuckled.

Huh, so it seemed all she wanted was a friend to hang out with, and if things went well maybe it would evolve into something a bit more, but maybe he was just getting ahead of himself. For soon something would happen that would change he and his friends forever.
Heroes Among the Stars

Chapter 1

College Life

Well hello there, you may not know me, but believe me when I say by the end of this story you will. You see I may look like you average, overweight college student who suffers from asthma and mild self-esteem issues, but that was only up until last year. You see a little over a year ago something happened that changed me and my friends forever, though I would sum it up right here and there I thought it would be best if you took a look at our very first adventure. But as much I would love to tell you the entire thing I think it would be best if my good old buddy, the narrator, took a seat and explained it all to you. Hit it up!

It began on an average day just like any other; the sun was out and the sounds of passing cars filled the air as young Richard pulled into the parking lot of his local community college. With most of his hours already filled up, and his last year approaching he knew that if he was serious about making in the real world that there could be no slacking off. So with his book bag over his shoulder, and his Art project in hand he began running towards the Cypress Building.

"Crap, only five minutes left. Come on, I can make it!" he thought to himself as he looked down at his watch.

Just as he turned the corner of the Goveners Building though he felt his cellphone vibrating in his pocket. He couldn't afford to stop and answer; so as he ran towards his first class he slipped his phone out and opened it up. Luckily it wasn't his parents calling to check up on him again, but instead his friend William, or as most knew him in the Anime/Manga Club as Kaos.

"Heyo Rich. How's it going this morning?" his friend asked.

"Can't talk~got to get to class." he replied as he felt his breath starting to short out.

"Whoa man, just take your time. If you push yourself too hard you'll keel over like last time remember?" he replied with concern.

"I can make it. Just give me~ another minute." he said as he bust into the building.

Damn his asthma, if it hadn't been for that he probably would be in the shape he was. Even when he was a kid and pretty thin it still caused so many problems for him, especially during baseball practice. Still, he was there and that was all that mattered. As he entered the elevator to head to the second floor though he heard the doors open again.


But once he saw who it was he jumped back in a slight panic. Her long, flowing light brown hair, those gorgeous hazel eyes, and those curves, oh those magnificent curves just enchanted him. Such beauty, such beauty that he would never obtain that was. Still it didn't help that his body was beginning to tense up. Around guys he was fairly alright, but when around girls, especially attractive girls, it was as if his voice would just vanish. Yes, he was just that shy. It probably had to do with the fact that she was so good-looking while he wasn't so much. Still it didn't seem she had noticed him when she walked in, instead she seemed to wrapped up in the music coming from her ear buds to even open her eyes.

"Oh~what do I do? Should start-up a conversation, or just leave things the way they are? Ah! Come on think faster!" he though loudly to himself.

But just when he was about to speak the elevator stopped as the doors opened up. With a sigh though he took a step forward only to stop when they both touched. It seemed she wanted to get out first, and he had no problem with that.

"U-Um, you can go if you want?" he said as he offered her the lead.

For a moment he could feel her looking straight at him, but after a few seconds she simply flashed a smile and went on her way. Christ was his heart beating fast; not because of her looks, but instead he was simply nervous about what she would say. Well it seemed he had nothing to worry about except class.

"Right, and with a minute and a half to spare." he sighed as he rounded the corner.

Out of the two classes he was taking that semester Art 210 was defiantly the smallest. With only about ten students in total it didn't take him much time to find a place to sit, especially if it was among his friends. With his body refreshed after that little ride on the elevator all he did was simply sit back and relax as William greeted him just as always.

"Hey, what's up? You look kind of burnt out." he pointed out as they pulled out their assignment.

"Yeah, traffic was pretty bad, but I made it in one piece so there's that." he replied as he pulled out his sketch.

"Heh, that's pretty nice. What's he suppose to be? Some kind of vampiric knight or something?" he asked as they tore out their drawings.

"Close, a modern-day vampire who fights off other monsters to protect his city."

"Sounds cool~wait modern day vampire? He doesn't sparkle right?" he asked in suspicion.

"Uh no, sunlight weakens him. Water paralyzes him, garlic burns him, you know all the classic stuff."


"Yeah, so what's yours?" he asked as he slipped his assignment into the proper tray.

"Ah, the always classic, and always hansom barbarian."

"That's it?"

"A cybernetic barbarian. You see his electro hammer and all that going on?" he asked as he showed him the drawing.

"Oh yeah, heh sorry didn't notice it there." he replied back as they both relaxed as their instructor walked in.

As per the norm the entire class consisted of nothing but one big lecture, followed by another assignment for them to do for the next day. According to the sheet they were all instructed to design a character based on a mythological animal, but to also add a little twist to it. It seemed simple enough, but he didn't have time to scretch it out; next he had E-tech 215 to get to.

"Hey man I'll see you at the club after school right?" asked William.

"Sure will, just don't go starting without me." he replied back as he gave a little wave goodbye.

Ah their little club, it wasn't much, and it only consisted of he and his friends, but it was still the only place at school he could call home. With the day almost over though he kept his head held high, and just hoped the King of Salt didn't find him. That's all he wanted, for a day to go by when he didn't have to run into that punk.

" stomach I can't feed you." he told himself as his stomach began growling.

Ever since the month before he had taken it upon himself to lose what weight he could, and that meant no big meals, no more junk food, no more sodas, and hitting up the gym at school at least four times a week. Though he had been going for some time though he couldn't tell if he was losing any or not. If anything he just wanted to lose that gut of his so he would look at least somewhat appealing, but maybe his family genes were stopping that from happening.

As he approached the room though he heard a familiar voice behind him as he opened the door. It was none other than his instructor, and friend, Ricky, though his real name was Ricardo. Though young and short he still did his best to teach all of his student about the entertainment industry, and what it took to make it. As an instructor he was great, as a friend though he was even better.

"Hey, what's up Richard?" he asked as he unlocked the door.

"Oh you know school, life."

"Cool, by the way do you have that screenplay I asked for?"


"Yeah, you know the one for our game?" he asked as he propped up the projector.

"No...when was this?"

Oh he was in trouble. When he saw his eyebrows twitch he knew he had royally screwed up.

"You don't remember?! I told you to have them by today. Seriously, all I asked for was a ten page screenplay for the beginning of Act 4 and you couldn't even do that."

"Alright I'm sorry. Look, how about I have them in by Thursday morning? That way Art is out-of-the-way, and I'll have time to work on them see?"

"Thursday...thursday...fine, but we'll need to switch some things up to make this work. I'll get Jeremy on working with the sprites, and Tiffany will be on designing the new characters, and as for you~?"

"I'll be sketching out the screenplay, gotcha."

"Good. Also were you heading to Comic Con this weekend?"

"Nah, I barely get enough money as it is, and with the end approaching I'm being kind of conservative with my money."

"Understandable, but are you planning on getting a job soon?" he asked as others began to arrive.

"Hopefully, but I'm not sure if I should do that with school happening and all that." he explained as he sat down at one of the tables.

"Yeah that can be a pain, and it looks like we are getting started in 3...2...1"

And with that class was off. Some would say being friends with a teacher was weird, but he called it lucky. Two years earlier when he began studying in the field of entertainment technology he barely knew anything about it, but after some pointers from good old Ricky he managed to grasp the basics, and heck even now he could program pretty well. Still, the road was a long and twisted one, but as long as he stayed on track he would be alright.

Nothing really of interest happened during the course of the hour. Instead of programming like they had done, they were all forced to watch some documentary on the history of computers, and how games back in the day were made. It was kind of interesting, but nothing they hadn't seen before. Once it was all over though everyone upped and left as class came to an end.

"Hey Rich, don't forget what I told you." Ricky said to remind him.

"Right, Thursday morning and the screenplay. Got it. I'll see you around." he said before dashing off towards the Magnolia Building.

"Jeez, well he's still young I guess." Ricky said as he packed up his things.

And after only three hours he was free to do whatever he wanted, or at least that would be the case if he didn't promise to stop by the club. Eh, it was no sweat. He had heard that someone had brought in some new anime, and if anything could lift the mood of the partly cloudy day it was come good animations.

"Hm...maybe it's the newest season of Psycho Pass, or even Log Horizon. Huh, eh oh well guess I'll see when I get there." he told himself as he approached the set of double doors.

But just as always it seemed he couldn't go a day without him coming around for a visit. Time after time again he had been there just to pick on him for all to see, and it was getting really damn annoying. As he reached for the handle he heard that all too familiar voice, tha squeaky, annoying, degrading voice.

"What's up Chunky." he heard as he turned to see his goatee wearing ass.

Phil Burny, year four, and how could he put it simply? He was a punk; always picking on others who beat him in an online match of Street Fighter or even Smash Bros. He claimed at one point that he was a pro, but that title seemed to fade away and now most dubbed him as the King of Salt. Not only did he act like a douche, but he looked like one as well. His slicked back black hair, that stupid looking goatee, and not to mention his annoying laugh.

"Oh great, it's the King of Salt. What do you want Phil?" he asked as he let out a sigh.

"You owe me some money." he said in an annoyed tone.

"For what?" he asked in return.

"I saw what you did last night. You used the online delay to cheat your way to victory didn't you? You fucking fatass."

"Oi, no Phil you just suck at the game. Now if you will excuse me I've got somewhere I've got to be."

It seemed their little confrontation was drawing in a little crowd, but as he knew Phil had too big of an ego to just walk away. Instead the moment he turned around to leave he grabbed his shoulder, and with one spin he turned and delivered a hard punch to the left side of his face.

"Ugh..." he groaned as he hit against the door.

"Now I'm telling you to pay me my fifty bucks!" he demanded as he gave him a kick to the stomach.

"Gah, fuck off loser. You're just being salty." he said as he pulled himself up.

As others gathered to watch the fight though he could see that tough old Phil was getting a bit nervous. The last time he got in a fight he was suspended for a week, and yet he still persisted on continuing. With both arms up he tried to block the punches, but he could to nothing about the kicks.

"Come on, cough it up punk!" he demanded once more.

"Heh hey Phil, why don't you go out and get a real job, or better yet why not just leave..." he replied as he stood back up.

All of this over a stupid game of Street Fighter, it just went to show how pathetic he had gotten. As he stood there with their eyes connected he prepared for the next attack when he heard a loud groan come from the punk. What had happened? When he opened his eyes though he saw he had gone cross-eyed as his hands covered his crotch.

" dick..." he groaned before falling over to the ground.

"Heh serves you right." he said as he spat some of the blood coming from his lip and onto Phil's head.

But who had saved him? He couldn't have kicked him, and everyone else were still keeping their distance. It wasn't until he looked back that he saw his savior. That hair, those eyes, it was her, the same girl from before. Her eyes were only on him as she approached him with a little packet of tissues. He wanted to move, but couldn't as he held his sore left arm. Instead of talking to him though she simply offered him the tissues.

"Uh, thanks." he said as he took them.

How did she reply though? All she did was giggle before running off without saying a word to him. Before he could understand why she didn't talk to him, but why didn't she just then? Was she that shy, or just that weird? As he looked down at the tissues he smiled a bit before he headed inside.

"Strange girl, but I guess I do owe her a thanks for helping me out back there." he told himself as he wiped his bleeding lip clean of any blood.

"I wonder how the guys are doing?" he wondered as he approached the club door on the first floor.

Normally the Magnolia only contained the library, and a few computer labs, but from time to time they would rent out an empty room for those who wished to form a club. The only ones he knew of though were the Book Club, Science Club, and of course his own. The rooms weren't exactly big, but they made do with what they had.

Everything seemed fairly peace, that was until he took a hold of the door handle. It sounded like they were at it again as he opened it up to see what all the commotion was about. From the look of things it seemed his other two friends, Miles and Levy, were about to kill each other over which anime they should watch first and which to review.

"I'm not doing it!" Levy shouted as Miles pulled his arms back.

"You're doing it!"

"I told you I'm not doing it!" he shouted again before stomping on his foot.

"Gah, you're in my club and you'll do as I say!" Miles replied as he hoped around on one foot for a second.

"I brought the DVDs and soda!" Levy exclaimed as he tried to ram into his friend.

"Uh guys...?" Richard asked as he looked on.

Eh, just a normal day in the Anime/Manga club. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, and even William knew that as he stood watching as well. To be fair though, it was pretty funny looking to see those two go at it.

"What did you bring?" Levy groaned as he pushed Miles against the walls, the shelves of DVDs and manga shaking as he did.

"The pain, oh!" he shouted before kneeing him in the gut.

And the moment he felt his opponent go limp he simply pushed him back to the table before proclaiming victory. With the fight over though he walked in and shut the door so he could finally relax.

"Sup?" Levy asked as he laid on the table.

"Oh nothing much. Just watching two skinny nerds fight over anime." he answered as he took a seat.

"Yeah, sorry about that. Why don't you tell us which one we should watch today?" asked Miles as he held up two DVD boxes.

"One Piece Movie Z or Dragonball Z: Battle of the Gods huh? These are dubbed right?" he asked as he tried to pick between them.

"Yep." answered William.

"Alright, One Piece then. We can just watch Dragonball on Thursday." he answered.

"Righto." he said before laying the DVD in the tray.

"Now you see Levy? How hard is it to do that?" asked William.

"Very, you know how I feel about One Piece." he answered as he sat up.

As he sat up though he noticed the large bruise on the side of his friends face that had been inflicted earlier.

"Whoa, what happened to you?" he asked as he walked to the mini fridge to get him a bag of ice.

"It was nothing, just the King of Salt again."

"Again? What the hell is going on with that guy? Maybe we should go give him a good licking until he bows down and recognizes." said Levy as he handed him the bag.

"Now Levy you know what happened last time. Do you want to be sent home again for another week?" Miles asked as he turned the T.V on.

"No, but dang it I want to shove this DVD so far up his ass. He thinks he can just push those around who are different from him. Well let's see how different he looks when he's waddling everywhere." said Levy as he took the DVD box.

And just like that William took it from him.

"Come on Kaos give that back." he demanded.

"No way, Richard you should seriously consider going to the dean for help with this one." he said as he threw the DVD onto the table.

"Yeah and for what? All he'll get is another suspension."

"Then we'll all go with you." said Levy.

"Nah it's alright. I've just got to endure his stupidity for another year and I'll be out of here." he said as he pressed the bag of ice to his face.

Yep, his school life was almost nearly over. In only a years time he would graduate and be off to live in the real world just like his mother and father were. But for the time being he had to keep up with his work, and try his hardest, and hopefully one day he would make something of himself. One day he would, that was a guaranty.
Heroes Among the Stars [Chapter 1] College Life
What would you do if you found the spirit of an eternal alien inside your body? For college student Richard Caziara and his friends that's exactly what has happened. With their newfound powers and friends they'll fight to survive as an eternal menace approaches their world. The fight for the future is about to begin. "From then on my heart changed. Power, give me more power..."
Somehow, there's a hacker lurking around here who not only changes the name of users around here, but he also posts a journal entry claiming that you'll commit suicide, and he'll troll with the same journal entry by adding inappropriate comments! He'll even add insult to injury by writing naughty comments on your page, and add a crude drawing of a male's private parts! If he reads this, he'll probably think twice before hacking! Spread the word, and stop this evil hacker before you become his next victim!

Apparently, he's targeted a user formerly named kronosfactor52, renamed him TruePhazonianForce posted a similar journal entry on his dA page, and added harsh comments to it!

Copy and paste this to your journal so that it doesn't happen to you!!!
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